mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

Knock at the door

Did you hear that?
It was a whisper, it said something like: "Don't move".
Did you hear the skeletons' voice?
They say to turn around.
In the end, the choice is yours.
But if i were in you, I'd follow their advice.
They look like they know what they're saying.

What is that trial?
If so, why are you following it?
Turn around, come on.

What is this smell?
How did you manage to identify it?
You feel it in your bones?
It runs in your blood?
What the fuck does this means?
Why are you still moving?

Ok, an abandoned house...
First rule of an horror move: Do you enter alone in places that looks creepy? You can say goodbye to your sweet life.
Did you forget?
Or are you going a hero, idot?
Can't you listen, just for once, to what they say?

Are you kidding me?
Captcha said to you to do so?
"Knock at the door", they said.
And you are going to...
No, I can't handle this... this stupidity!

What the acrual fuck does it means they told you I was going to leave?
No, no, no, you weren't joking.
Your face was serious as death itself.
And blank, too.
I'm kinda scared.

Ok, straight to the point.
The message were three:
-"Knock at the door"
-"He will leave"
-"Face it"?
Who is it?

A countdown?
You didn't mention about that!
It appared on the ouija board?
Weren't them random numbers?

I'm still here, don't you see?
They were wrong.
What does it mean "We still haven't open the door?"
I'm not going to risk tetanus whit that rusty door lock.
Neither you are.
They're still wrong, we are going to leave both.

Ok, lets... no, come on!
Don't open it!
You didn't knock!

Let him free, what are you doing to him?
Oh my god!
His head, why is it so twisted?
What have you done to him?
What should I do, now?

In memory of Slenderman,
You were a silly piece of shit.

And to Captcha,
as known to me as "constant pain int he ass"

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